Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How God Consoled His Prophet

Taken from FB

1- The one that brought light after the darkness is the one that will bring joy after misery, ease after hardship, and pleasure after pain.

2- Spend the night standing for your lord and He will place the world under your feet. Your source of strength is your prayer.

3- The lord that saved the previous prophets is the one that is going to be there to save you. The love of your lord never moved you just need to step up and feel it. Walk towards Him and He comes running to you.

4- True pleasure will be in the hereafter alone so make that your focus and goal. He who prioritizes his afterlife Allah will rectify his worldly life and after life.

5- The bounties and gifts of your lord are great and many. You have received some of them and there are many more to come. Let this be your motivation to remain patient.

6- Surround yourself with positive and supportive people who will bring you closer to your lord.

7- There is nothing more precious than guidance. Keep reading, keep developing, keep growing.

8- The one that brought you into this world with not even clothes on your back and provided for you is the one that will take care of you now.

9- Always remember where you came from and remain humble.

10- Be in the service of the people and the one above the heavens will be in your service.

11- Recognize the blessings of your lords and praise Him for them. That is where happiness in this world is found. The blessings we receive will always be greater than the pain we face.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Projek Pembesaran Surau Sekolah Menengah Agama Unwanus Saadah

Dari Facebook.

Assalamualaikum wm.wbt

Peluang untuk beramal dan mendapat pahala berterusan hingga ke alam barzakh....

Pihak Sekolah Agama Menengah Unwanus Saadah, Kanchong Darat, Banting, Selangor, sedang mencari dana kewangan untuk projek pembesaran surau sekolah iaitu Surau Darus Saadah. Anggaran kos keseluruhan ialah berjumlah RM350 000, manakala dana semasa yang telah terkumpul sekarang berjumlah RM29 000. Jika dana telah mencapai 80%, kerja-kerja pembesaran dapat dimulakan dengan segera.

Surau sedia ada sekarang tidak dapat menampung jumlah pelajar sekolah yang semakin bertambah. Surau ini digunakan untuk solat zohor berjamaah, program-program sekolah dan lain-lain aktiviti kerana ketiadan dewan sekolah.

Sesiapa yang berminat menambah pahala 'jariah'.....bolehlah menghulurkan sumbangan ke akaun

Tetuan Surau Darus Saadah
Bank Islam Cawangan Banting.

Sebahagian gambar penggunaan Surau Darus Saadah

Friday, May 16, 2014

Penajaan Hafiz di Gaza