Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ramadhan Box Project

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RAMADHAN BOX up and running! (2nd follow up posting).

A Ramadhan box is a box full of groceries that would help to ease the burden of a family of 5 this coming Ramadhan. We have identified all items needed. See the picture and the item list. You can even pay your fidyah this way too (just the beras, of course, but other items could be as hadiah)

What is all this about?
Well, we have identified 20 families that we were hoping to provide basic groceries this coming Ramadhan (29th June 2014). The good news is that if you know any more families that deserve these box, they can let us know as well! One box would help to feed a family of 5-6 for a month of Ramadhan.

How to be involved?
First, you can go and BUY and pack it in A SINGLE BOX and send it to the drop off day stated below. Like a parcel of gift, properly. Please do follow the list, you can use alternatives brand but our request is for the chocolate drink, please stick to MILO please. It would make it fair for all families as well. You can ask your kids to draw, paint messages on the box if you like too! Send the boxes on the drop off date as stated below please. Sorry, we can't go and collect. Really sorry.

2nd method: You can bank in the money at RM160.00 (to round it up- but if there is any enquiry, do contact me) by the 17th of June and we would get the box ready. But remember the joy is packing the box to be given to the needy, seriously.

3rd method: you identify any family that deserve the box. Inform us so we can prepare the boxes for them (the more the better) and on the drop off day, come over and take the boxes and send it to the home you have identified. Sadaqah in energy! What would be more glorious!

4th method: Share, Like, Bump, this post from time to time so we can target all. The more we can give out, the better. Or you can also copy the list and do it yourself to respective houses. All in the name of Ramadhan, why not? To us we think the list is good enough with a household budget, but hey, can be a better method.

5th: Share more ideas for this coming Ramadhan. If you think we can pull of for a home like and orphan home, lets give it a try then!

Ramadhan Box is a project by #tamakpahala and #sumbanganku.
We will be doing a drop-off on
Date : 22 June 2014 between 3-6 pm.
Venue will be at : Lot 2890-6, Jalan 6/71b, Pinggir TTDI. 
GPS : 3°09'28.9"N 101°37'13.6"E

For more information, kindly contact
Syed Azmi (+60162184769) #tamakpahala.
Hayati (+60193185667) #sumbanganku

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